Business Continuity

Development of strategies, plans and actions to minimise the impact of operational disruptions.

Your Safety Net in
Case of Emergency

Information security (ISMS) and cyber security integrate directly into the everyday life of a company and ensure improvements there every day.

But what happens in the event of a business-threatening disaster?

Business continuity management (BCM) is a precaution for emergencies. While in the other two areas everything appropriate is done so that risks and threats to the company do not lead to damage, a BCM defines orderly procedures if, despite all measures, massive or even existentially threatening operational disruption occurs. The aim of these procedures is to keep the damage to the organisation within tolerable limits.

In Business Continuity Management

  • internal and external risk factors are recorded,
  • possible risk scenarios are assessed,
  • these are assigned individual emergency plans,
  • and necessary procedures planned and tested in the event of a crisis.

Together, an ISMS (ideally including Cyber Security Management) and a powerful and well-tested BCM significantly increase an organisation's resilience.

We advise and support you

in setting up and operating a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) based on the international standard ISO/IEC 22301 and the recommendations of the Business Continuity Institute.

Together with you, we develop

individual operational plans to suit your organisation. These plans are then regularly tested, updated and optimised in order to have the necessary processes prepared in the best possible way in the event of a crisis.

BCMS + ISMS = IMS – Your Benefits

A BCMS can be integrated very well into an existing or planned ISMS. Setting it up and operating it as an integrated management system (IMS) saves resources and, if necessary, shortens certification processes and audits.

In particular, the BCMS standard ISO/IEC 22301 offers optimal integration into an ISMS according to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

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